Start a “Focus Quest

Upload your syllabus or paste in your study questions directly. Or simply tell Moonlight: 

"I need to review for my test on this unit. I have 1 hour" -- and we'll create a quest for you!

Get a heat map of the most important terms on anything - ppt slides, e-textbooks, online articles

Moonlight's AI will highlight the most relevant terms based on the objectives & study questions you give us.  

Have a long article and want to immediately see what's most important for the test? We got you covered.

Quickly annotate & screenshot your screen to save for notes & flashcards

Quickly save anything on your screen to your notes. Moonlight's AI can automatically generate flashcards, study guides, and quizzes based on your highlights.

Get quizzes, flashcards, and games on key terms as you move through the material

Pick any terms you want to review and automatically get quizzes and games built with AI. Quickly add any terms to your flashcards to review later.

Earn crescent coins when you complete more activities to redeem for prizes!

Prefer to listen? Have any material explained to you out loud as you can jump in and ask questions

Some people learn better when 2 people are discussing like a podcast. Some need examples. Some need a funny accent.

With Moonlight's AI audio features, you can choose a more fun way to get materials explained to you. And jump in yourself with any questions.

About Us: The Vision Behind Moonlight

The Moonlight team is inspired by the growing focus and attention crisis in the U.S.

Our students have had the largest decline in learning outcomes ever recorded (via NAEP scores). Only 31% of 8th graders can read proficiently, effectively bringing us back to 2002 levels. Students are also less engaged than ever, with chronic absenteeism remaining high post-pandemic and 1.3M students having left the public school system.

Why? COVID exacerbated the issue, but it has to do with something deeper than that: our brains. Today, students are up against teams of hundreds of researchers + developers at big tech companies building the most addictive product possible. Another edtech tool, more tutoring, etc. won't cut it. The problem runs deeper than content. It's neurological.

Moonlight is an AI-powered study copilot that helps students manage & train their attention and executive function. Advancements in AI have made it possible for learning to be multimodal and we are building the engagement layer on top of any content to make more immersive, interactive, and personalized.

Our team met while in school at Stanford and USC and span a range of neuroscience, AI, strategy, and product. If you're interested in our product and vision, feel free to email

Siran Jiang

Stanford MBA
Columbia BA (Financial Econ)

Activision Blizzard
MGM Studios
Warburg Pincus

Ayo Adedeji
AI and Tech Lead

Johns Hopkins MA (BME)
Stanford BA (Bioengineering)

Google Health AI
Stanford Neuro + Pain Lab

Kaeo Wongbusarakum
Medical Lead

USC BA (Neuroscience)

Keck School of Medicine
USC Stem Cell Lab

Medical Lead

USC BA (Neuroscience)
Incoming MD student

Children's Hospital Los AngelesScribe America

Annie Huang
Content Designer

USC MA(Engineering)
USC BA (Communications)